I'm Paige, or Pokechu. I'm a twenty-one year old bored college kid at Indiana State University (English major, Creative Writing and Comm minor)/Radio DJ/sales associate that posts stuff, writes too much, is the proud owner of a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala and a German Shepherd that thinks she's people. Also addicted to supposedly bad rock music, violent anime, video games, guitars, scruffy Canadian men, and classic cars.

Sylph Of Space



America is some fucked up dystopian shit honestly like how are y’all even surviving? Paying for healthcare? $60,000 on tuition? POC getting shot in Wal-Marts? White men shooting up elementary schools? That’s terrifying I’m worried about all of you

America doesn’t seem that terribly horrible when you live here day to day and you’ve known nothing else but when somebody says something like this it fucks you up really good.

I’ve been jumpier than usual today and I don’t like it

It’s like my conscious is telling me “Paige, you fucked up.” but won’t say WHAT I fucked up

Ughhhh I have enough issues plaguing me already as is



on a different not can we all please stop acting like all ravenclaws are academic smart? i want to see ravenclaws who are shit at school but can make recipes and paint amazingly and compose masterpieces please stop pretending smartness is academic

ravenclaws that get really pissed off about having to answer riddles in order to get home because they hate riddles